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Mt.Nijo is a mountain that stretches over Katsuragi City,Nara Prefecture, and Taishi-cho,Minamikawachi County,Osaka Prefecture.
Mt.Nijo probidens hiking trails including ‘Asuka’and ‘Taima-dera Temple.

This mountain is located in Kongo Ikoma Kisen Quasi-National Park and is one of the mountains in Kongo mountains district which forms a range of mountains together with Mt.Nijo in north (Nara Prefecture ,Osaka prefecture ) and Kongo-san mountain in south (Kongo mountains district).

Village people in Yamato Province who had used the water from Mt.jino for agriculture since ancient times climbed Mt.nijo in the spring, which is referred to as ‘okanobori’.

When a day sets between a mountain, very beautiful.

there is a layer of Sanuki-Gan stone (Sanukaite) of ichi stone tools can be made, in the ground render  the Mt.Nijo range, and therefore , it is believed that people had lived around there since ancient times.


Logos rocks and pyroclastic follow deposits are distributed in the vicinity Mt.Nijo.




Lens:Vrio-TessarT*E 16-70m F4 ZA OSS

にほんブログ村 写真ブログ 近畿風景写真へ

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