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Nice view! Todaiji-Nigatudo Hall

World Heritage/Nara

Nice View!

The view form Todai-ji Temple Nigatudo Hall is splendid.
Nigatudo Hall is Famous for the Shine.
Omizutori(Wadrawing ceremony that place annually in march.
Nigatudo Hall in one of the finest to enjoy breathtaking views of Nara and it environs.

Todaiji Tempe

It’s So beautiful.
Todaiji Temple is one of the most symbolic buildings of the Tenpyo era includes many famous buildings such as the Great Buddha
Hall,the largest wooden structure in the world,Hokkedo Hall where many impressive Buddhist sculptures are enshrined, and Nigatsudo Hall where the traditional “Omizutori”(water drawing) ceremony takes place annually. The grounds of Todaiji are so extensive you may need a whole day or more to explore thoroughly.


Hokkedo Hall

The Hokkedo Hall is the building which is the oldest in Todaiji Temple.


This building is built in the hill country, and a view is the best.

Todaiji Temple

406-1 Zushi-cho,Nara City 630-8212

Nara Cots Bus(City Loop Line)from both JR Nara Station and Kintetsu-Nara Station

About 20 minutes walk from Kintetsu-Nara Station .


レンズ:Vrio-TessarT*E 16-70m F4 ZA OSS

にほんブログ村 写真ブログ 近畿風景写真へ

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