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The Kohfukuji Temple

World Heritage/Nara

The Northern Round Hall(National Treasure )

The Five-Storied Pagoda(National Treasure)

The five-storied pagoda was originally erected in 730 by Empress Komyo, the daughter of Kohfukuji’s founding patron,Fujiwara no Fuhito. Over is long history, the building burned down a total of five times ,with the current reconstruction dating to around the year 1426.At a total height of 50.1 meters, it is the second tallest wooden pagoda in Japan today.Famous for its deep eaves, the structure structure successfully blends referendes to Nara-period architecture with the dynamic architectural style of the medieval period.


The Northern Round Hall(National Treasure)

Following the death of the founding patron of Kohfukuji Temple,Fujiwara no Fuhito,in the year 720,Retired Female Emperor Genmei and Female Emperor Genshi jointly commissioned Prince Negaya to construct a memorial chapel theat would eventually become known as the Northern Round Hall.The original hall was consecrated on the 3rd day of the 8th month of the year 721 as part of the rites commemorating the first anniversary of Fuhito’s death.Its octagonal strusture was the result of recreating the round structure of a Buddhist stupa using wooden architecture, and denoted its statues as a mausoleum or memorial hall.After the original building was lost to fine in 1049, it was quickly rebuilt, only to be destroyed once again during the “Burning of the Southern Capital” by the troops under Taira no Shigehira in 1181.


Lenz:Vrio-TessarT*E 16-70m F4 ZA OSS

にほんブログ村 写真ブログ 近畿風景写真へ

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