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Hase-dera Temple


Five storied Pagoda which is wrapped in autumnal scenery

The peony is beautiful in spring, and colored leaves are wonderful in autumn.


Look around the figure that Five storied Pagoda and the neighboring  mountains are stained  with autumnal scenry.

Hase-dera Temple

Hase is the head temple of a large branch of the Shingon sect and has 3,000 branch temples throughout Japan.

The area “Hase” has been a sacred place since ancient times and was described in Japanese classicai Iiteratures such as the “Tale of Genji” and the “Myriad Leaves Collection”.
Hase Temple is called the “Sacred Temple of flowers “and is also known as the 8th temple of the Kannon Pilgrimage to 33 Sites in Saigoku (Western Japan, kansai).
Pilgrims can enjoy seasonal flowers:cherry blossoms  and peonies in spring,Japanese hydrangeas in summer, maples in autumn and winter peonies in winter.


Five Storied Pagoda

It is beautiful Five storied Pagoda build in 1954,was the first pagoda constructed World War Ⅱ.
This Pagoda is praised for its beauty and called  the “exdallent pagoda of the Showa Period.

Main Hall

It is made in the cliff.A view is splendid ,and fresh green is beautiful in spring, and clobbered  leaves are wonderful in autumn .
The main hall housing the Buddha of Compassion was reconstructed by the 3rd shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu.
This magnificent building was designeted as a National Treasure in 2004 and hus a platform projecting out form the cliff and provides spectacular views.



The spring peony is beautiful, too.


Hase-dera Temple

Adress:731-1 Hase Sakurai-shi Nara

Access:From kintetsu Hase-dera station walk 15 min.
Opening Hours:
Admission Free:¥500

レンズ:Vrio-TessarT*E 16-70m F4 ZA OSS


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