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Nara Park

World Heritage/Nara

Nara Park

Colored leaves of Nara Park greet in full bloom and shine very beautifully.


Kasugano Park

Kasugano Park is the latest multi-puprose area in Nara Park.The park is surrounded by famous sightseeing spots such as Mt.Wakakusa to the east ,Todaiji Temple’s Great Buddha Hall on the northwest ,and Todaiji Temple’s Nandaimon Gate to the west.The square in also used for events.


Todaiji Tempe

It’s So beautiful.
Todaiji Temple is one of the most symbolic buildings of the Tenpyo era includes many famous buildings such as the Great Buddha
Hall,the largest wooden structure in the world,Hokkedo Hall where many impressive Buddhist sculptures are enshrined, and Nigatsudo Hall where the traditional “Omizutori”(water drawing) ceremony takes place annually. The grounds of Todaiji are so extensive you may need a whole day or more to explore thoroughly.


Whenever you arrive Nara Park, the grass-covered mountain and landscape of Mt.Wakakusa will catch your attention.

Mt.Wakakusa consists of three hills and is 342 meters high.

The mountain has a total area of 33hectares,is colored with grasses and at is peak is the Uguisuzuka Tomb, an hostorical site that was constructed around the fifth century.In January,you should not miss Mt.Wakakusa Yamasaki, a fire festival to burn off the grasslands of the mountain  at night.



Totoato Park

It is thought two pagoda towers as high 100 meters soared to the east and west

sides of Todaiji Temple’s Great Buddha Hall at the begenning of the Nara period.In the Kamakura and Muromachi periods.





Lens:Vrio-TessarT*E 16-70m F4 ZA OSS

にほんブログ村 写真ブログ 近畿風景写真へ

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